Hospitality Committee

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The Hospitality Committee is responsible for providing or overseeing hospitality at Friends Meeting of Washington with the purpose of making the Meeting a warm and welcoming environment where Friends may gather to strengthen the bonds of community and to welcome others to the Meeting for Quaker or other functions.

The Committee facilitates the Meeting’s own hospitality functions, including refreshments after First Day worship and after Meetings for Business, providing its own members and cultivating a pool of volunteers to manage or assist in these activities. It creates instructional and informational documents about practices for providing hospitality on Meeting properties, for the use of Meeting members and attenders and to guide outside groups.

The Committee, in conference with staff, Trustees, Meeting officials and the Committee on Child Safety, develops policies and guidelines for the use of space by groups and individuals from outside the Meeting as well as for activities sponsored by other Committees and by tenant organizations. These policies are approved by the Meeting for Business. The Committee reviews applications forwarded by staff for groups and individuals from outside the Meeting to use space and authorizes the use of space in accordance with these guidelines.

The Committee is informed by staff and relevant committees of all Meeting functions that may involve refreshments, coordinates use of related facilities and equipment, and provides guidance and assistance as appropriate. It is informed of all non-Meeting functions on Meeting property that may involve refreshments or other hospitality needs, and works with staff and with the outsiders involved to assure needs are met effectively, with appropriate care of Meeting equipment and property. In all of these activities, the Committee communicates closely with the Administrative Secretary and Assistant Secretary, who maintain both the calendar of room usage on the Meeting property and a file of policy and instructional documents relating to operational, safety, and insurance considerations for usage of the Meeting’s property and equipment. The Committee assists in the maintenance of this file. The Committee may also make suggestions about the activities of the janitor.

The Committee provides trained personnel to open and close the Meeting House on First Days as necessary.

Contact: The FMW Office or call (202) 483-3310.

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