Be a Leading Adult Presence

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We’re so glad you are considering volunteering at First Day School!  Every First Day School class has two volunteer adults, the Leading Adult Presence and the Supporting Adult Presence.  Additionally, our Youth Coordinator helps with all classes as needed.


To Be a Leading Adult Presence:






  • Connect with your Supporting Adult Presence at least a few days before to introduce yourself and have a chance to talk over the lesson plan.


The Day Of:


  • Please arrive by 10:15 to help encourage any lingering meetings to clear the children’s spaces and prepare for class.  


  • A basic outline for the hour is posted on the wall of the classroom to help you keep track and  provide consistency to the program even as the adult presences rotate each week.


Afterwards, Please Share:


  • If you prepared a new lesson or played a new game, we want to share it!  Please send it to the Youth Coordinator so it can be published to our website for reference and reuse.


  • Whether you prepared a lesson or used one “off the shelf”, please send at least a brief comment on how the lesson went to help guide those volunteering in the future.


  • As always, share any thoughts you have on how to improve the program in general or the experience of being a Leading Adult Presence.


Thank you!