Weekly Announcements, 4.22.2018

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"Sitting in collective quietness with other Quakers has been profoundly healing for me because the silence has made way for something else in my life: hope. The radically kind and egalitarian foundations of Quakerism, coupled with this weekly practice of stillness, has sparked a flicker of hopefulness that I can make a difference, in whatever small and mundane ways I am able. That it is ok to rest. That it is ok to fail. That it will all be ok.” – Jessica Hubbard Bailey, Nottingham Young Quakers


Personnel Ctte


8:45 am


YAF Brunch

Decatur Place Room


Spiritual Deepening

North Room

9:00 am


Fibre Party

North Room



Quaker House

9:00 am


Parlor Planning




Quaker House, Meeting Room

10:30 am




6:00 pm



April 29: Forum on Climate Science and the DC Carbon Tax and Rebate Bill, noon, Quaker House. Learn more about the science of climate change, the risks and opportunities we are facing, and what DC Quakers and people of faith can do right now. We will be joined by climate scientists and activists, and learn about the DC-based campaign to put a price on carbon pollution. Questions? Contact Barbara Briggs (412) 417-9384

April 27 – 29 – Family Camp Weekend,  Shiloh Quaker Camp (Hood, VA)  For additional information or to register please contact David Hunter, Camp Property Manager. (301-774-7663 or davidhunter@bym-rsf.org) For more information, see the BYM Camps web-site at bymcamps.org/programs/family-camp-weekends/.

April 27 – 29 – Men’s Retreat, Catoctin Quaker Camp (Thurmont, MD)  The retreat is very loosely programmed and includes time to relax, work cooperatively, hike (or nap), talk, tell stories, play, and have fun. For more information, including the registration form, contact Blaine Keener (443-414-9103 or blkomg@hotmail.com).

The Personal Aid Committee invites members and attenders to apply for scholarships to attend Quaker gatherings or other activities that will enrich the individual’s spiritual life and contribute to the meeting's corporate life. Submit request letters to emilie.schmeidler@gmail.com or to the FMW office.

Head of Meeting

April 22: Membership Ctte.; April 29: Capital Campaign




First Day School begins at 10:30 each Sunday. If you come later than 10:30, please stay a moment with your child to help them settle into the class. Children in FDS are reunited with their parents in the final minutes of Meeting for Worship.


Points of Contacts for First Day School:  Shannon Hughes (shannughes@gmail.com) and Michael Beer at FMWYouthProgram@gmail.com or 703-655-5655.

Child Care is available for parents needing a respite during worship. Children age 0 to 4 will be lovingly tended in the Decatur Place Room from 10:20 am to Noon on Sunday. Please contact Michael Beer at FMWYouthProgram@gmail.com for any child care related questions. Child Care is also available for all ages of children during events on our campus upon request.


Meeting for Worship 9:00 AM Sunday. Held in the Quaker House Living Room, this Meeting for Worship tends to have less vocal ministry. Child care is not available.

Meeting for Worship 6:00 PM Sunday. Held in the Parlor, this Meeting for Worship offers a sustaining opportunity for worship at the end of the weekend. Child care is not available.

Mid-Week Meeting for Worship, Wednesday, 6:00 PM in the Parlor. Persons seeking to worship during the week should consider this Meeting. Child care is not available.

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST  The FMW webpage is available at www.quakersdc.org  To access the non-public pages, the log-in ID is FMW– the password is Discern. To join the FMW Listserv, or to be included in the Meeting’s Online Directory, send an e-mail to: admin@quakersdc.org  To phone the Meeting Office, call 202.483.3310.    To use WiFi in the Meetinghouse, the network is FMW and the password is simplicity. The Meeting’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/FriendsMeetingOfWashington.

Young Adult Friends - Anyone interested in learning about Young Adult Friends at FMW or who would like the join the YAF list-serve, please contact Erin Murphy (murph23e@mtholyoke.edu) and Rebecca Nelson (rebecca@americasolidaria.org). Young adults are between the ages of 18 and 40ish.

Martha’s Table needs nonperishable food items on an ongoing basis.  Donations are collected in the basket near the Meeting House Decatur Place. Pam Callard (202) 829-9577.

The Library Committee would like anyone who has read a "Quaker-related" book that has made an impact to submit a review to them.  We would like to display it on the shelves of our Library on second floor.  This would be similar to the "Staff Picks" that you see at commercial bookstores and might point folks to a good read.

Would you be willing to provide a meal—or a ride—to a Friend in need? Personal Aid is looking for such service from time to time. Please contact Emilie Schmeidler at Emilie.schmeidler@gmail.com

A year ago the Peace and Social Concerns committee ran a short survey of the FMW community to determine what programs would be of the greatest interest to the meeting and to help members and attenders who are engaged with projects to find and assist each other.  Thank you to those who participated.  We would like for anyone who did not participate to please do so online. The survey is only 3 questions long and should not take much time.  Click here:https://goo.gl/forms/1IBwjtYzZCcBpNzp1