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  • Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose Light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life.-BritainYearly Meeting, Faith & Practice,

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     Today:  Sunday, July 27, 2014                      

    Worship             PAR          9:00 am             

    Worship     MR & QHLR 10:30 am

    Spiritual Fr      QHLR       11:30 am

    Hospitality        KIT          Noon

    Fibre Party        NR           Noon

    LGBT Africa      PAR          Noon

    Comp. Life        DPR          Noon

    Peace & S.C.     3rd Fl        Noon

    Hunger & H.      TER          Noon

    Library               LIB           Noon

    Worship             DPR         6:00 pm


    The FMWwebpage is available at To access the non-public pages, the log-in ID is FMW– the password is silence. To join the FMWListserv, or to be included in the Meeting’s Online Directory, send an e-mail to:  To visit the Meeting’s Facebook page, go to To phone the Meeting Office, call 202.483.3310.


    Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Annual Sessions run by August 4 to 10. Be a part of important decision making. Join Friends for a week of fun, education, worship, and business at Frostburg State University.  Registration for Annual Session 2014 is still open! Register on-line now and be part of the fun!


    TODAY: We have the Library Committee (Noon-1:00) and Peace and Social Concerns Committee (Noon-1:00pm) and Hunger and Homelessness Taskforce Meetings (noon-1:00pm).  An opportunity for education and fellowship is presented at the “12 Steps to Compassionate Life” study group, meeting in Decatur Place Room, beginning at noon.


    The situation for LGBT people in many countries in Africaand elsewhere is dire and getting worse.  Laws have been passed that increase penalties against the “offense” of homosexuality.  In as many as four countries, the penalty is death.  Some of us will be discussing these issues and what FMW can do about it today at 12 Noon in the Parlor.  Please feel free to join us!


    Next Sunday:There will be singing at 10:00 am in the Meeting Room. Then, at noon, there will be committee meetings for Ministry & Worship, Religious Education, Membership, and the Marriage & Family committees.


    On Wednesday, Aug. 6 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, modern-day abolitionist Matt Friedman and his two teenage sons will bring their Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign to Friends Meeting of Washington. They will introduce a new action-based campaign, “Breaking the Links,” to raise young people’s awareness about modern day slavery. For more information, contact Betsy Bramon at


    Head of Meeting Schedule (For the most up to date schedule, visit

    July 27: Nominating Committee; August 3: Personal Aid