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  • Friends Meeting of Washington

    Announcements ~ April 20, 2014 ~ Welcome

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    The First Query: Meetings for Worship:  Are meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for Divine guidance? Are Friends encouraged to share spiritual insights? Are specific gifts of ministry recognized and encouraged? Do you come to meeting with heart and mind prepared? Are you careful not to disturb the spirit of the meeting by late arrival or in other ways? 

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    Today:  Sunday, April 20, 2014

    Worship                     PAR            9:00 am

    Trustees                     DPR           9:00 am

    Worship            MR & QHLR   10:30 am

    Retirement Grp         QHLR          Noon

    Worship                    DPR             6:00 pm

    FinancePeace U.      AR                6:00 pm


    The FMW webpageis available at To access the non-public pages, the log-in ID is FMW– the password is silence. To visit the Meeting’s Facebook page, go to join the FMWListserv, or to be included in the Meeting’s Online Directory, send an e-mail to: To phone the Meeting Office, call 202.483.3310.

    Special events today include a meeting of Trustees and a continuation of the Financial Peace University. Also at noon, you are welcome to join a group exploring issues around retirement; for more information, contact Byron Sandford at


    There will be two community gatheringsat which everyone will get to share their desires, expectations and concerns regarding child safety and the treatment of sex offenders. These meetings will take place on Friday April 25th at 6 pm, and Sunday, April 27th at 12:30 pm and both will start off with potluck meals. We hope you can join us at one of those meetings (use the Doodle poll at to choose which meeting you will attend). It is not necessary to attend both of these meetings, as the topics covered at each will be the same. 


    Also coming up on Sunday, April 27 will be meetings of the Records and Handbook and the Library Committee, the Hunger & Homelessness Taskforce, the Personal Aid Committee, a Child Safety training (especially for those working with children at FMW), the Fibre Party, and a continuation of the FinancialPeace University.  Also,you are warmly invited to participate in an ongoing discussion of the book Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom. For more information, contact Joe Izzo at


    Come to S.O.M.E.on Saturday, May 3 at 6:15 AM and be prepared to flip pancakes and help prepare breakfast for our vulnerable neighbors. The kitchen is at 70 “0” St. NW, adjacent to a parking lot. For more information and to sign up, contact Betsy Bramon at


    Events on Sunday, May 4 include the Adult Study Group (check with John Scales) at 9:15,singing at 10:00 am, committee meetings for Hospitality, Marriage & family, Membership, Ministry & Worship, and Religious Education.


    Sunday May 4, 2014at noon in the Assembly Room the Peace and Social Concerns Committee will hold a Peace Fair. We invite all at FMW to share what they do either professionally or personally to work for peace and social justice. Participants can share literature, fliers, have laptop presentations, or other displays which show your work for peace and justice.  To participate, please rsvp or contact for more information: Louise Levathes at llevathes@comcast.netor Malachy Kilbride,

    Additionally: A late announcement just in from from Jim Driscoll: "There is an opportunity to assist Members of several Native American nations who are coming to DC to protest the Keystone Pipeline, along with others who live along the pipeline's route. They are looking for housing and other volunteer support. Please consider going to the website below if you can offer housing or volunteer.Thanks, Jim"  This opportunity is for April 22-27, 2014. Jim Driscoll, Ph.D., M.B.A.Climate Peer Support Project, Executive Director, National Institute for Peer Support,1300 N St., N St. NW #117, Washington, DC 20005520-250-0509,; Volunteer for Reject and Protect


    Head of Meeting Schedule (For the most up to date schedule, visit

    April 20: Personnel; April 27: Marriage & Family Relations