Officers, Committee Members & Representatives

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Officers of the Meeting

Clerk Meg Greene  
Alternate Clerk Dan Dozier  
Recording Clerk

J.E. McNeil

Treasurer Robert Meehan  
Assistant Treasurer Michael North, Justin Connor  
Financial Coordinator Ed Hustead  

Special Positions

Historian Hayden Wetzel     

Administrative & Maintenance Staff

Administrative Secretary and Event Manager Debby Churchman  
Property Manager Ken Orvis  
Bookkeeper Laurie Wilner  
Youth Coordinator Michael Beer  

Board of Trustees
(Terms run through the years specified)




Dan Dozier, Clerk Mary Campbell Robin Appleberry
Bill Foskett Tom Goodhue Virginia Avanesyan
Mark Haskell Jim Bell John Scales
Martha Solt    
Faith Williams    

(Terms run through the years specified)




Child Safety Committee    
Frank Whitelock Nicole Else-Quest Elise Storck
Ex-officio: R.E. Clerk   Ken Forsberg
Ex-officio: Youth Coordinator   Virginia Avanesyan, Clerk
Finance & Stewardship
  Byron Sandford, Clerk Jim Bell
  F.T. Clark Letty Coffin
    Nate Vernon
    Bill Strein
 Ex officio:    Financial Coordinator      Treasurer      Admin Secretary
Healing and Reconciliation
Diane McDougall, Co-Clerk Gray Handley, Co-Clerk Ylene Larsen
David Etheridge Ken Orvis Janet Dinsmore
Neil Froemming   Zoe Plaugher
Susan Griffin (Clerk) Michael Hubbard Jorge Sanchez
Pam Callard Margot Greenlee Kate Steger
Malachy Kilbride Greg Robb Kathy Lipp-Farr

Jane Edgerton, FOP Coordinator

    Abby Thomsen
  Faith Williams, Co-Clerk Tom Yonker
    Gene Throwe, Co-Clerk
    David Shive
    Sammi Gaines
    Judy Hubbard
  Ex officio:   Librarian (Michael North), liaison member from Records and Handbook
Marriage and Family Relations
Liz Pomerleau F.T. Clark Tim Olabi
  Ann Herzog  
       James Bell, Clerk  
Joe Izzo Janet Dinsmore, Co-Clerk Robert Farr
  Marcia Reecer, Co-Clerk Gray Handley
    Judy Hubbard
Ministry and Worship
Blair Forlaw, Clerk Gene Throwe Marcia Reecer
  Debby Churchman Hayden Wetzel
    Greg Robb
    Marsha Holliday
    Bertie Rossert
    Michael Huffington
Nominating Committee
Bob Meehan Marilyn Pearlstein Ylene Larsen
Molly Tully Harry Massey, Clerk Todd Harvey
Peace and Social Concerns
  Gerry Fitzgerald Michael DuVall, Clerk
  Susan Meehan Beth Cogswell
  Elaine Wilson Scott Breeze
  Victor Freeman Chris Connolly
Ex officio: AFSC and FCNL Liaisons  
Personal Aid    
Emilie Schmeidler, Clerk Malachy Kilbride Alex Mathews
  Patricia Murphy Lydia Pecker
    Tom Libbert
    Steve Brooks
Michael Cronin, Clerk Bill Foskett Allan Kellum
     Ex officio: Presiding Clerk     
Martha Solt, Clerk Brian Lutenegger Francisco del Pozo
Basil Kiwan Ken Orvis Justin Kwong
Jay Harris   Merry Pearlstein
Neil Froemming    
  Ex officio:   Property Manager      Administrative Secretary      Finance member
Records and Handbook
Barbara Monahan Beth Cogswell Harry Massey
Todd Harvey, Clerk    
    Ex officio:    Recorder      Historians    
Religious Education
  Michael Beer Kimberly Acquaviva, Clerk
  Nicole Else-Quest Carrie Mitchell
    Jane Connor
    Anita Drever
    Betsy Bramon  
    Carl Johnson
Ex-officio: Youth Coordinator    


(annual appointments beginning January, unless specified)

Garden Committee    
Mark Haskell, Clerk    
Bruce Kellogg    
Gene Throwe    
Mary Jane Simpson (D.C.) Scholarship Fund  
Anne Kendall, Clerk Dian John (Bethesda) Bill Strein
Holly Moore Tia Duer (Bethesda) J.E. McNeil
Faith Williams Georgeann Ziegler (Bethesda) Barbara Monahan
Mary O King (Bethesda) Margaret Plank (Bethesda) Abby Thomsen
Mary Walcott-Lucy Foster Educational Fund  
Bruce Kellogg    
Search Committee (October to October)
Arne Paulsen Steve Coleman  
(The following committees have no specific terms)
Capital Improvement Task Force
Neil Froemming, Co-Clerk C.J. Lewis Ylene Larsen
Merry Pearlstein, Co-Clerk    
  Ex Officio: Property Manager
Capital Campaign Committee
Grant Thompson, Clerk Justin Connor Mark Haskell
Todd Harvey David Etheridge Martha Solt
    Ann Herzog
Hunger and Homelessness Task Force
Steve Brooks    
C.J. Lewis, Co-Clerk    
Information Technology Committee
Neil Froemming, Clerk David Etheridge Andrew Hall
  Mackenzie Morgan Kathy Brandt
Ex officio: Administrative Secretary   Brad Green
Ad Hoc Committee for Special Events
Tracy Hart    
Charmaine Gilbreath    
Young Adult Friends
Kate Oberg, Co-Convenor    
Michael Huffington, Co-Convener    


(One-year or three-year terms, as indicated)


Quaker Organizations

Meeting Liaisons    
American Friends Service Committee Jean Capps
BYM Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee  Blair Forlaw
Friends Committee on National Legislation Maurice Boyd, Elaine Wilson
Friends United Meeting   J.E. McNeil
Right Sharing of World Resources Karen Grisez
Friends Non-Profit Housing, Inc. Board
2012 2013 2014
Dan Dozier    
Willy Wilson, Clerk    
School for Friends Board
6/1/2015 6/1/2016 6/1/2017
Alex Jadin Elise Storck Julia Elliott
Michael Cronin   Neil Levine
William Penn House Board

Non-Quaker Organizations

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2-D
Michael North    
DC Council of Churches (Representative to Annual Meeting)
Susan Meehan