FMW Library, Records, Handbook

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FMW's Library, Records and Handbook plays several roles.  The Committee oversees the Meeting historical records and archives  and also FMW's official Handbook of agreements with record to meeting structure, decisions and protocols.

The FMW Library seeks to provide resources to the community about Quakerism and issues of interest to the members, including Quaker biography and history, spirituality, social justice, and nonviolence.

The FMW Library is now up and online with more than 2,000 books and almost all of the Pendle Hill pamphlets, and much more. Please follow the hyperlink for the library catalog.  One of the easiest ways to search the Library collections is over the internet using this URL: and entering the user name FMWLibrary. 

Best of all, come visit our library on the second floor of the Meeting House. We don't have regular hours; there are often meetings in the room, but drop by whenever you're at Meeting. If you prefer, you can make an appointment with the librarian or co-clerks by email or phone and we'll meet you. Contact:

If you would like to download an Excel spreadsheet of books in the Library, this one is arranged by Author and this one is arranged by Title.

For online resources relating to Quakerism, including free e-books, visit the helpful website of the Concord Friends Meeting. A brief introduction to Quakerism can be found here.

Some other e-books you can download for free:

Barclay, Robert.  Barclay's Apology.

Clarkson, Thomas.  Portraiture of Quakerism

            Volume 1.

            Volume 2.

            Volume 3.

Fox, George.  An Autobiography.

Hicks, Elias.  Journal of the Life and Religious Labours of Elias Hicks.

Hodgkin, L. V.  A Book of Quaker Saints.

Penn, William. A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People Called Quakers.

Penn, William. A Sermon Preached at the Quaker's Meeting House, in Gracechurch-Street, London.

Sewell, Anna.  Black Beauty.

Whittier, John Greenleaf.  Complete Works.

Woolman, John.  John Woolman's Journal.

Quaker Periodicals

Quaker Life, magazine of Friends United Meeting.

Friends Journal, an independent Friends magazine. An index to the Journal may be found here.

The Friend, weekly Quaker magazine published in London.

Pendle Hill Pamphlets, a publication of Pendle Hill. An index may be found here.

The Western Friend, publication of the Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.

Earthlight, Publication of the Pacific Yearly Meeting Committee on Unity with Nature.

Donating books to the FMW Library

If you have books on Quakerism published since 1990 that you would like to donate to the Library, please search for the titles first in our online catalog to make sure we do not already have a copy. Contact Michael North, clerk of the Library Committee, by going to our Contact Form and selecting Library as the message category.

Click this link to read the committee's Annual Report for 2018