Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual Growth Opportunities

You are invited to join with Friends in these programs. For questions or more information about a group or program listed below, please contact the individual leaders listed or CONTACT FMW.

Spiritual Formation Program

Join with Friends to study, reflect and share your spiritual growth with a small group. Friends meet twice a month sometimes at the Meeting House, sometimes in homes to support one another in a spiritual practice.  Each participant commits to undertake their own individual spiritual practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, journal keeping, etc.). Friends may also attend a BYM Spiritual Formation retreat.  Register now for the fall program. For more information, contact Joan Gildemeister or Tracy Haidar.

Spiritual Journey Meditation Group

The Spiritual Journey Meditation Group meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Each member of the group takes turns bringing a devotional writing. The group usually has a Saturday retreat in the Decatur Place Room in the fall and a weekend retreat at the Bellarmine Retreat Center in the spring. The exact dates of the retreats are usually determined several months ahead of time. Contact David Etheridge, Sabrina McCarthy or Leslie Jadin.

Inquirers Class

All are invited to attend the Inquirers Class, for those interested in learning about the Religious Society of Friends and the Friends Meeting of Washington. It will meet for two different sessions each year, typically on a Monday night.  Contact Michael Cronin.

Prayerful Reading of the Gospel

A small group of Friends meets about every two weeks at the Meetinghouse to prayerfully read the gospels and to discern what they say to us.  This is an exploration of the message of Christ rather than a historical, textual study of these books.  For more information or to discuss the schedule contact Hayden Wetzel.

Interfaith Group

The D.C. Interfaith Peace Initiative (aka, Interfaith Group) is committed to promoting peace and harmony among people of all faiths and beliefs.  We strive to bring a greater awareness of the bonds and values that join us together as one humanity.  We work to raise consciousness through purposeful dialogue, collaborative social action and ethical education, and to explore and support spiritual sources of inspiration and joyful celebration among faith communities.  We seek to build a culture of understanding, justice and peace. Meets third Sundays at 1 p.m. Contact Steve Sawmelle.

Friendly Eights

These groups of six to eight members, attenders and newcomers, meet monthly to share dinner, brunch, or coffee and conversation to strengthen the community of friends. Contact Justin Connor.

The School of Spirit

A Quaker Ministry of Prayer and Learning devoted to the School of the Spirit is dedicated to helping all who wish to be more faithful listeners and responders to the inward work of Christ. This ministry offers two programs to deepen our faithfulness. http://www.quakerinfo.com/sos.shtml

Clearness Committees

Anyone facing a personal problem or crisis may ask the Marriage and Family Relations, Membership, Ministry and Worship, or Personal Aid Committee to form a small committee of Friends to help in seeking clearness about what to do. Contact the Clerks. For more information, click here.

Healing & Reconciliation Committee

The Healing & Reconciliation Committee offers to assist people facing difficulty resolving conflict with other members/attenders. Contact co-Clerks Merry Pearlstein or Gray Handley.

For additional information, please contact the individuals listed above or call the FMW Office at FMW.DCFriends@verizon.net or (202) 483-3310.