Records & Handbook Committee

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The Records and Handbook Committee meets as necessary to establish policy concerning the generation, maintenance, and storage of Meeting records. This Committee is also charged with identifying actions of the Meeting for Business and of Monthly Meeting committees which require changes in the Handbook, developing appropriate revisions, and presenting those revisions to the Meeting for Business as necessary. A report on Handbook changes is presented semi-annually and the full Handbook is reprinted as the number and complexity of revisions warrants. Revisions not reflecting decisions already approved by the Meeting for Business are held over for at least one month. Editorial changes and corrections of errors of fact are reported by the committee but need not be held over.

Members include the Recorder and one or both Meeting Historians; they have no specific terms. In addition, two or three members, recommended by the Nominating Committee for approval by the Meeting for Business, are appointed for staggered three-year terms. Additional members may be co-opted as necessary, and volunteer helpers may be needed at times. The Records and Handbook Committee consults with the Library Committee when appropriate.

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