Ministry & Worship Committee

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The Ministry and Worship Committee seeks to maintain and build corporate and spiritual unity throughout all group life within the Meeting, thus nurturing the spiritual state of the Meeting and everyone in it. The Committee encourages the Meeting to develop and maintain a corporate vision that is used regularly to shape the Meeting’s decisions and actions. Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Oversee the right order of the Meetings for Worship and Worship Groups.
  • Form clearness committees as necessary with respect to spiritual concerns, including bereavement.
  • Provide encouragement and guidance to adult spiritual support and study groups and develop workshops and retreats on timely topics, so as to deepen the spiritual life of the Meeting and of its members and attenders.
  • Coordinate with the Nominating Committee as way opens, regarding annual committee workshops.

In addition, the committee attends to the following duties:

  • Assure that appointed meetings for such occasions as . . . memorials are appropriately held.
  • Arrange special meetings for worship on behalf of those who are ill or imprisoned.
  • Welcome newcomers and visitors to Meeting.
  • Consider requests for travel minutes and make recommendations on them to the Monthly Meeting.
  • Once a year, draft a report on the spiritual state of the Meeting.

This Committee endeavors to interpret the activities and purpose of the Meeting to the neighborhood and to the wider community. It is also responsible for all notices placed in publications and electronic media.

After consultation with the Ministry and Worship Committee, the Nominating Committee nominates a Meeting member with a concern for ministry or pastoral care to participate in the meetings and responsibilities of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee.

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